E) Soft archery sets x 5

From £50 a day

E) Soft archery sets x 5

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood? Think you could take on Hawkeye from the Avengers in a battle of the bows?

Well now’s your chance to prove it with our amazing soft archery set.
Great fun in the garden at any time, this set includes up to 5 bows and 5 targets, with plenty of arrows to go around. Best of all, it’s completely safe, because all the arrows have sucker tips to stick to the target without anyone getting hurt. Even the bows make things easier, with the arrow sitting in a tube in the bow to help even the littlest of Little John’s fire straight.

Our soft archery sets for hire in Essex make a great addition to any adventure themed party.
You can just play for fun, or you could arrange an archery competition, just like the Sheriff of Nottingham did, to see who is the secret Robin Hood in your midst. Just vary the distance to the target to give all archers a fair chance, and everyone can join in the fun of firing at the bull’s eye.

We can also host the archery competition at your venue or back garden at a cost of £30 which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Each member of our team is experienced and trained at what they do giving you the best experience possible.
What's Included?
When hiring our soft archery sets, you not only get the quality product you would expect, but also one of our friendly install team to set up, and pack down your activity at the end of the day.

Included in your Hire:
5 x bows
5 x targets
20+ arrows
Markers (Competition use)
Staff member to set up and take down.